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Chicken Steam Roast

As name sounds its a dish prepared with dual cooking techniques that is roasting and then steaming the chicken to get a scrumptious and tasteful treat with tempting aroma and appearance. Chicken Steam Roast roots back to Southeast Asian countries in days before pottery and dishes were introduced. People hadn't modern day steamer, roasters, conventional or convection ovens they simply used rotisserie style to roast meat over a fire or brick oven.
Rotisserie is a style of roasting where meat is skewered on a spit - a long solid rod used to hold food while it is being cooked over a fire in a fireplace or over a campfire, or roasted in an oven.
Steam chicken is not the first option that struck to the mind when thinking what to cook for weekend. Because for many ladies its not the simplest food to cook as it seems, but truly... it is, yes it is the simplest food for me at least, and it can be for you too if you have plenty of time for preparation before lunch time bell. Because it requires time for marinating the chicken but the taste is worth of patience and effort. So, if you are planning to serve it to some special guest then prepare it one day ahead the final gathering.

Chicken steam or roast is made delicious in either way that you throw chicken in oven with spices and chunks of vegetable, or use a screwer over burning charcoal oven. But I didn't use any of these methods I simply made it in pressure cooker which turned out great (^_^) ... sounds interesting??? (o_O) ... well it may...!
Pressure cooker is the secret of simplicity and I learned this from my mother who is great cookery teacher for me. Check out the recipe and method I have used 3 chickens as it was 6-8 servings but the recipe is for 1 chicken you can adjust the ingredients as per requirements, and what I suggest you all should try it once for sure,  you definitely going to love it..!


1 Chicken (4 piece bbq cut)
1 tbsp Salt 
¼ cup Vinegar 
1 cup Oil or as required


1 cup Yogurt
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Red chilli powder
1½ tsp Gram masala
½ tsp Nutmeg crushed (jaifal)
½ Star Anise crushed (badia-khatai)
2 tbsp Cumin crushed (zeera)
2 tbsp Coriander crushed (dhania)
¼ cup Tamarind sauce
¼ cup oil


Chicken should be cut in 4 pieces, often the meat is dry and light flavored inside, the reason is marinate is not absorbed throughly. So for fuller taste apply diagonal cut parallel to the meat fiber so the marinade penetrate easily further. At this time just sprinkle the salt all over the meat and leave it for 1 hour, patience time begin...after an hour apply vinegar all over the meat with finger and wait for an other hour. tik-tok-tik-tok..! :)
Now wash the meat slightly under running water and place it over sieve and pat dry it. In a large heavy base skillet heat 1 cup oil and start frying the chicken. Place the meat side down, leave it for 5 minutes you just need a gentle shallow fry, it would seal all juices and vanishes the smell of raw chicken. Repeat same for the other side. Leave it to retain room temperature.
For instant tamarind sauce, in a glass bowl add quarter cup of water to half cup or tamarind and microwave for 2 minutes and mix. In a separate bowl mix marinade ingredients and tamarind, apply it to fried chicken all over the cuts and in joint curves throughly.

Let it marinate for 2 hours, now this is gonna be real patience test but I promise this is going to be the vip dish of the whole treat.

Place the stainer upside down in the pressure cooker and put chicken pieces carefully on it, cook it in pressure for about 8-10 minutes.

Serve hot with mint chutney , sour onion and raw salad. Bon App├ętit ..! (^_^)

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