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If you have the right equipments, a comfortable kitchen, and are willing to try different things, cooking can be fun. ツ

It does not matter how easy a recipe is to follow, if the finished item isn't something you like, you won't be happy and cooking won't seem fun.On the other hand, cooking is also an art. It is symphony of taste, aroma and colors that tickles the senses.There are several ways to learn how to cook, Let me show you some good, healthy meals, quickly to cook in your own kitchen at your own pace.
My self is Abiyah Idress, a married working woman, I belong to Pakistan by birth but loves food of any kind holding yummy taste, even I am Interior Designer by profession, trying new recipes is my hobby and passion. I always entertain my family with new meal on weekends specially, while cooking such scrumptious recipes I thought "why not to save and share them with you people", I started sharing recipes on Facebook, I was keen to share more detailed information and recipes, for that I chose the way of blogging as I follow recipes from different website but cook those with my own touch,so I was willing to share recipes that would be authentic but tried by me. And that would be the best thing about my blog, so here it is my first ever blog "Yummy Bites" for all of you...

but wait lemme tell you few important things before going,
▶ If you have any confusion with recipe then don't be hesitant to ask.
▶Share your own tries for sure.
▶For both above issues use Massage option on page.
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About Commenting Policy :

I would like to thank each and everyone for taking time to visit my blog. I appreciate all your comments and they always encourage me. however I would like to request all the blog readers not to leave any links in the comment. Such comments will not be published. Please consider this as a humble request.
For scrumptious recipes, healthy tips and useful information, stay in touch with pages' posts...If you try my recipes, i would love to hear from you. It acts as a driving force to improve my blog...Thank you..!

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